US Innovation Market Guide on Cybersecurity


The US Innovation Market Guide on Cybersecurity will provide you with a deep insight into the US innovation ecosystem related to cybersecurity technology, from both innovation and market perspectives.

From the innovation perspective, you will have an opportunity to learn more about the US innovation hubs, innovation facilitators and industry-related RDI centers, in the field of cybersecurity.

From the market perspective, the Guide will provide you with an overview of the US cybersecurity technology market and advise you on how to understand the different segments within the market, including the market opportunities and barriers.

This guide is also useful to expand your network of contacts of important stakeholders operating in the field of cybersecurity in the US. It presents an extensive list of innovation and market associations as well as most relevant, leading events related to different cybersecurity technologies.

Finally, this guide will provide you with an overview of the US governmental funding system related to cybersecurity technology, in the context of both federal and state initiatives. On the Federal level, an overview of key programs and opportunities is given, including those that come from United States Department of Defence, Department of Homeland Security, National Science Foundation, etc.

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This guide was published in September 2019 and is available in English. This guide has 74 pages and 3 Annex pages.




Table of Contents

List of Abbreviations (page xiii)
In this section the list of Abrreviations used in this report are presented
1 Introduction (page 1)
This study, which has been developed in the context of the ENRICH in the USA network, aims to provide relevant information on the United States (US) landscape concerning the cybersecurity ecosystem and market.
2 US innovation ecosystem (page 8)
2.1. Innovation Hubs (page 9)
2.2. Innovation facilitators (page 15)
2.3. Industry related RDI centers (page 20)
3 US market landscape (page 30)
3.1. Market overview (page 30)
3.2. Leading regions (page 33)
3.3. Market considerations (page 40)
   3.3.1. Opportunities (page 40)
   3.3.2. Barriers (page 42)
4 Recognized networks and events (page 43)
4.1. Innovation / market networks and associations (page 43)
4.2. Innovation and market events (page 51)
5 US innovation initiatives and programs (page 59)
5.1. Federal initiatives/programs (page 60)
   5.1.1. Department of Defense (DoD) (page 61)   
   5.1.2. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) (page 67)   
   5.1.3. Department of Energy (DoE) (page 69)   
   5.1.4. National Science Foundation (NSF) (page 70)   
5.2. State initiatives/programs (page 71)
   5.2.1. California (page 71)   
   5.2.2. Georgia (page 72)   
6 Observations (page 74)
Annex 1: Summary of the US Federal and State Funding Initiatives and Programs (page 75)