Become an ENRICH Ambassador

Who are ENRICH Ambassadors?

Ambassadors are different types of organizations (or networks), in the European Union (and Associated Countries), in the United States, and in Canada, that are active in research, innovation, and/or transatlantic collaboration, and are vital assets to support European innovators in their transatlantic journey. 

ENRICH Ambassadors are separated into three categories: Outreach, Programmatic, and Advocacy Ambassadors, which are outlined below. 

Overall, Ambassadors share ENRICH in the USA's mission of promoting European Innovation in North America by helping build relationships, create content, and develop initiatives/programs, among other exciting opportunities. 


What are the Roles of ENRICH Ambassadors?

ENRICH in the USA Ambassadors can be more or less active in the Network, according to their interest and synergies. Potential Ambassadors may include, but are not limited to, organizations providing the following types of services:


Acceleration ProgramsIncubation
Advocacy & NetworkingIndustry & Community Engagement
Corporate Digital TransformationMarket & Feasibility Studies
Corporate Open InnovationResearch Collaboration 
Economic DevelopmentTechnical Support 
Education/Curriculum ProgrammingTech Transfer
Funding & Capital AccessVenture Capital & Angel Investors Introduction
Grant Writing...


How can I Become an ENRICH Ambassador?

If you are interested in becoming an Ambassador, please fill in an application form via the ENRICH in the USA website (see below). Ambassadors can join at any time. Criteria for being chosen include an interest in joining the activities provided by the Centers and Landing Hubs and the added value you can bring to a project based on complementary knowledge and/or resources. All candidates are vetted to ensure the best fit and will be asked to sign a Memorandum of Understanding (if applicable). The status of the Ambassador is not legally binding. Ambassadors are not consortium partners. 

If you are a European or Associated Country Organization, please click here to apply.

If you are an American or Canadian Organization, please click here to apply.


What are the Benefits for European and Associated Countries Ambassadors?

  • Become an exclusive member of the ENRICH Network and have access to selected Research and Innovation ecosystems in the United States and Canada. 
  • Be invited to ENRICH training/workshops/webinars, networking events, Funding Summits, and outreach events to promote your activity, ecosystem, and innovators, and/or as experts/mentors.
  • Access our marketing kit (use of our logo and presentations). 
  • Promote your organization/ecosystem, your activities, and your innovators via our website, collaterals, and social media. 
  • Access ENRICH North American vetted experts and mentors via our private Community Platform, and engage your team (up to 3 individuals) to become vetted experts/mentors.
  • Welcome high-level North American experts as well as Angel, Institutional and Corporate Investors to engage your ecosystem and innovators during ENRICH European Tours. 
  • Visit our ENRICH Hubs and Centers with your innovators during our immersion programs (virtual programs included).
  • Develop joint programs with us tailored to the needs of your innovators, with potential shared revenues opportunities.
  • Participate in joint grant opportunities, for your organization or innovators.
  • Promote our shared success stories/case studies.


What are the Benefits for American and Canadian Ambassadors?

  • Become an exclusive member of the ENRICH network and have access to selected European and Associated Countries startups, scale-ups, and tech SMEs interested in launching their ventures in North America. Also, access to their support network of stakeholders (Universities, Chambers of Commerce, Clusters, Economic Development, Agencies, etc). 
  • Be invited to ENRICH training/workshops/webinars, networking events, Funding Summits, and outreach events to promote your activity, ecosystem and innovators, and/or as experts/mentors.
  • Access our marketing kit (use of our logo and presentations). 
  • Promote your organization and ecosystem via our website, collaterals, and social media. 
  • Have the opportunity to be highlighted in our US/North American market research papers and studies. 
  • Engage your team (up to 3 individuals) to become vetted experts and mentors to directly engage with the ENRICH Community (innovators and ecosystem partners, e.g. other EU and US Ambassadors) on the ENRICH Community Platform.
  • Join our European Tours to meet firsthand ecosystems and innovators, potential Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) leads.
  • Welcome European innovators to develop opportunities for FDI bridges and research collaboration.
  • Develop joint programs leveraging the strengths of your ecosystem, with potential shared revenues opportunities. 
  • Participate in joint grant opportunities for your organization and support your regional FDI and Global Trade efforts.
  • Promote our shared success stories/case studies.


What are the Expectations from ENRICH Ambassadors?

Ambassadors can assess how they would like to contribute based on their own interests and field of expertise. The three categories serve as guidelines only, and Ambassadors are of course welcome to demonstrate how best they can contribute.

  1. Outreach

    Outreach Ambassadors spread the word about the ENRICH program, and market it to potential participants, local/regional partners, and other potential ambassadors. It includes the promotion of relevant calls, project events, and activities. As an Outreach Ambassador, you are primarily seeking high-level exposure for your ecosystem and/or offer and will benefit from cross-promotion activities with ENRICH.

  2. Programmatic

    Programmatic Ambassadors are interested in providing content, resources, or services to innovators. As a Programmatic Ambassador, you may deliver subject matter expertise to ENRICH channels. This can either be self-created or co-created for mutually benefiting opportunities of knowledge transfer, e.g. providing specific input to studies or contributing to training events. Also, joint programs/activities with revenue-sharing schemes are welcomed.

  3. Advocacy

    Advocacy Ambassadors are serving as Advisors to the ENRICH network to enhance its long-term sustainability. As an Advocacy Ambassador, you can provide support with funding or developing collaborative initiatives with ENRICH, e.g. working with the ENRICH network to provide support, capital raising, and business development efforts such as joint grant opportunities.


How does this Differ from a Sponsor?

ENRICH sponsors are organizations looking for leads and sourcing opportunities by partnering with ENRICH in the USA but who do not want to (only) engage in ENRICH outreach, programmatic, and advocacy activities. Sponsorship packages for additional visibility are in place and can be shared on-demand with Ambassadors.

Example of services provided by ENRICH Sponsors: Accounting/book-keeping, Administrative Support, Banking, and Financial Services, Creative/Web Design, Legal & Immigration Services, Logistics Services, Marketing & Public, Relations services, Prototyping & Product Development, Regulatory & Compliance Support, Relocation Support Services, Sales Representation.


What are your Commitments as ENRICH Ambassador?

All Ambassadors are expected to communicate with ENRICH in the USA regularly with any needs or questions and to assist in their predetermined roles. There are no more formal reporting requirements for the Ambassadors, except if they act as service providers for ENRICH in the USA – in that case, reporting requirements will be agreed on separately. The Ambassadors do not receive funding or payment unless agreed otherwise on a case-by-case basis.

There is no fee to become an Ambassador.


Application to Become an Ambassador

European or Associated Countries Ambassador: click here

American or Canadian Ambassador: click here


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