ENRICH Soft Landing Program FAQ



What kind of services are provided by the program?

The program provides the following: 

  • Training & Mentoring 

  • Office Space

  • Visa

  • ENRICH Community (access to events and activities) & Networks (investors and mentors)

  • Logistic Support

Please visit our section “Program Components & Commitments” on the Soft Landing Program page


What are the program terms?  

On average, the Soft Landing Program is a 24-month program. We confirm the program length together, based on your objectives. 

The program can be ended each quarter with a 2-month notice, i.e. by the end of the first month of each quarter. 


What are the program fees?

The monthly fees depend on the location and size of the needed desk/private office, from USD 1,400 to USD 2,500 per month; quarterly paid to Temple University SBDC, the ENRICH lead coordinator in the United States. 

The administrative fees associated with a US Visa are not included. For a J-1 Visa, they range from USD 300 to USD 2,500 depending on the duration and category of the visa.

What is included in a dedicated desk at a university-based incubator? 

Every location has its unique office space and service, in general, it includes: 

  • Mailing address

  • Open workstation, or a private  office (on request - extra cost)

  • 1 telephone line with a virtual receptionist (on request - extra cost). Calls sent back to mobile (communication and phone line charges not included).

  • Mail processing (forward mailing on request - extra cost)

  • Access to common facilities: photocopiers, kitchen, etc.

  • Access to conference rooms - by reservation

  • Reception of visitors

  • Access to incubator’s events

  • Administrative support to help to prepare for arrival and return of the hosted person(s)


What is the program procedure for additional services requests? 

For any additional needs/requests such as pre-sales efforts, contacting customers, support to establish technological, commercial or financial partnerships, scheduling business appointments, helping with negotiations, helping with recruitment, banking, accounting, legal matters, investigate open innovation initiatives from large US corporations, etc., we will put you in contact with the appropriate ENRICH in the USA Partners and Ambassadors.


What are the program requirements? 

In addition to the commitments listed in our section “Program Components & Commitments” on the Soft Landing Program page

The main requirements to join our program are the following: 

  • The application form should be completed - that would enable the ENRICH Team to schedule a 90-min discussion with you. 
  • A minimum of 50% of the time in the USA has to be spent at the chosen office/city and the entrepreneur’s principal accommodation should be near the office. 
  • The entrepreneur has to follow the incubator rules i.e. respect the signed lease agreement.