ENRICH Pitch at CES - "Silicon Valley Funding Summit"


Connecting Silicon Valley, US and foreign financial professionals and investors to global startups and private companies for high level networking and deal-making to build successful ventures

  • Pitch Silicon Valley accredited investors
  • Discover how to raise funding for your startup and pitch Silicon Valley investors and corporate partners
  • Host demo table during networking breaks
  • Presenters Meet investors for private 1 on 1 meetings for speed networking after each pitch session
  • Network over meals with partners, investors and key industry players
  • Understand tech trends and emerging technologies across all industries

Sectors of interest

  • Agtech, food tech
  • AI, Robotics, Machine Learning, Drones
  • Autonomous Vehicles, Connected Cars
  • Big data, analytics
  • Blockchain, bitcoin, crypto
  • Biotech/Life Science/ HealthTech
  • Clean Tech, Energy
  • Consumer electronics, Devices, Hardware
  • Digital Media, Entertainment, Games, Music, Video
  • Education and Ed tech
  • Energy, Smart City, Clean tech
  • Enterprise and B to B Solutions
  • Fintech and banking
  • Health, wellness, Fitness, Health IT, Medical devices
  • Internet of Things, Sensors
  • Manufacturing and industrial
  • Mobile Apps, Devices, services
  • Real estate
  • Retail and eommerce
  • Security, IT, Infrastructure, Privacy
  • Software, SaaS, SoC
  • Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality

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