D3.1 Action Plan for Pilot Actions


The overall goal of this document is to provide an initial plan for the pilot actions planned by the NearUS consortium, based on the gap analysis done by NearUS. The pilot actions are high-quality and demand-driven services to be provided by the NearUS Network/Centres across the European Union (EU) and in the US, for the organisations based in the EU Member States and Associated Countries. This action plan includes: brief description, target group, indicative planning for the next 3 years, selection criteria, outreach plan, etc.

First-aid Information Kit: Research to Research


This is the first First-aid Information Kit focussed on Research to Research

D1.3 Gap analysis, identification of synergies, and operational project roadmap


The results of the supply mapping and demand mapping are compared and analysed in order to identify gaps between the offer and demand, as well as potential synergies. The results of the gap analysis are coupled to activities planned in the operational roadmap. On
this basis, recommendations are given on where and how to adapt NearUS services in order to constitute a sustainable offer in line with its market value.

D1.1 Mapping of existing tools and services as well as service providers


This report comprehends the stocktaking and analysis of existing tools, services, and service providers for European research and innovation actors in the United States or seeking to internationalise in the US. To reach this goal a mixture of methods has been used: a literature review, combined with a quantitative analysis from an online survey of European stakeholders, as well as a mapping through desktop research; and a qualitative examination has been undertaken through telephone interviews with service providers.

D1.2 Mapping of clients and demands


The aim of this report is to identify the demand for the services proposed to European stakeholders by the NearUS project. The primary source for this analysis was the NearUS survey launched towards respondents potentially interested in NearUS activities. For completing these elements, a literature review was undertaken and 15 interviews conducted with various type of EU stakeholders. Information on the methodology and literature analysis results are available in chapters 2 and 3.