AgriFood & Tech - August 25th, 2020 Ecosystem Showcase

Industry Focused: AgriFood & Tech - August 25th 2020
[Farming, Food, Supply Chain, IoT]
Showcase of North California - Philadelphia, PA - St. Louis, MO  Ecosystems


ENRICH in the USA is proud to present the third U.S. Ecosystem Showcase featuring AgriFood and Technologies and its Center and Hubs in North California, Philadelphia/Pennsylvania, and St. Louis/Missouri. This virtual event consists of an hour long discussion/reverse pitches followed by individual pitches and meetings (for selected entrepreneurs) with the ecosystems.

Are you an EU entrepreneur wondering where and how to launch a tech venture in the U.S.? If your innovation is focused on AgriFood, join us on August 25th, 2020 at 10:30 a.m. EDT / 16h30 CET.

Each U.S. ecosystem is represented by industry and university experts, seed investors, and city/state representatives to give an overview of the market potential in AgriFood, their infrastructure, and the investment funds available for European deep-tech high-growth Start-ups and Scale-ups. Selected entrepreneurs (by each U.S. ecosystem) will then have the opportunity for one-on-one meetings to pitch and receive feedback from the ecosystem experts and investors. Each ecosystem will award €500 to the venture that has the best overall chance of success in their region.


Guest speakers

  • Michael Feith, Policy Officer - Financing of infrastructure policies, European Commission
  • Bill Burwell, Director of Events, SelectUSA
  • Nick Sramek, Director of International Relations, Silicon Valley Forum


Representing North California

  • AgTech Innovation Network, Roger Royse, Founder
  • California Polytechnic State University, Judy Mahan, Economic Development Director for the Center for Innovation & Entrepreneurship,  and Director of the Small Business Development Center (SBDC)
  • Tech Futures Group, Gerry Barañano, Director


Representing Philadelphia

  • PABen Franklin Technology Partners of Southeastern Pennsylvania, Mark Trabbold, Director, Business Development, Technology
  • Temple University, Antony DiBruno, Business Development Coordinator & Maura Shenker, SBDC Director
  • City of Philadelphia Dept. of Commerce, Pierre-Olivier Lugez, Director, International Business & Global Strategy


Representing St. Louis, MO

  • St. Louis Economic Development Partnership, Janet Wilding, Vice President, Major Projects & 39N
  • University of Missouri, Walter Gassmann, PhD, Professor, Plant Sciences, College of Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources
  • The Yield Lab, Thad Simons, Co-Founder/Managing Director

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Agenda - August 25, 2020

  • 10:30 am EDT / 16:30 CEST Welcome (10 min)
    Introduction and overview from ENRICH in the USA
  • 10:40 am EDT / 16:40 CEST Welcome (5 min)
    Welcome by the European Commission and SelectUSA
  • 10:45 am EDT / 16:45 CEST Reverse Pitch (45 min)
    Discussion with our ecosystems
  • 11:30 am EDT / 17:30 CEST Conclusion (10 min)
    Transition to breakout rooms (Selected Entrepreneurs Only)
  • 11:40 am EDT / 17:40 CEST Individual Ecosystem Meetings (1h20)
    20-minute meetings with ecosystem experts and investors for selected entrepreneurs
  • 1:00 pm EDT / 19:00 CEST  join the Agtech Startups in the Time of COVID-19 one-hour program organized by our partner the Silicon Valley Summit