ENRICH in the USA AgTech / Plant Sciences Landing Hub

Located in St. Louis, Missouri and hosted by The Helix Center, the Agricultural Technologies & Plant Sciences Landing Hub offers European research and innovation actors access to an extensive roster of world renowned agricultural leaders such as Bayer Crop Science (formerly Monsanto), KWS SAAT, Bunge, Arch Angels, and the Donald Danforth Plant Science Center, the world’s largest independent plant science research institute. The region is home to St. Louis is home to 700 life sciences and agtech firms, of which 300 are startups as well as some of America’s largest trade organizations within the agricultural industry such as the American Soybean Association and National Corn Growers Association.

Two other regional organizations also advocate for agtech and are important links to visitors of the Landing Hub: BioSTL, St. Louis’ leading industry specific organization for life sciences, and the St. Louis Agribusiness Club, St. Louis’ oldest and largest industry specific organization for agriculture. The city boasts access to well-funded investment networks, including angel investors and venture funds who understand paths to market for ag and/or plant-related technologies, as well as the $1.5 million Helix Fund which provides capital for early stage bioscience companies.

Finally, St. Louis also hosts a powerful immigration support program via the World Trade Center St. Louis’s Mosaic Project, which provides a civic structure that empowers foreign individuals living in St. Louis to quickly find resources they professionally and personally upon landing in the city.

About the Helix Center:

The Helix Center, an InBIA member and designated ‘Soft Landings’ site, is an agtech/biotech business development facility for startups and small businesses. Supported by St. Louis County government and the St. Louis Economic Development Partnership, the innovation district is a space where a diverse range of agtech colleagues can work in their labs and mingle over coffee. The Helix Center is located within 39North, a 600 acre or 242 hectares, agricultural technology (agtech) focused innovation district. Helix Center has the facilities, providing 3,065 square meters of wet and dry lab space and offices for bioscience research, with access to shared critical equipment. In partnership with the World Trade Center St. Louis, the Center has deep capabilities in providing international support both inbound into St. Louis as well as outbound into other foreign markets.

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