ENRICH in the USA Philadelphia Biotechnology Landing Hub

Located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and hosted by Temple University SBDC and the University City Science Center, Philadelphias Biotechnology Landing Hub enables innovative bio-related European companies to leverage the Center’s close relationship with over 30 universities, private sector firms and government institutions. Located in the heart of the City Square, companies will be immersed in an ecosystem of innovation and success that has turned concepts into multi-national conglomerates for the last 55+ years.

The Greater Philadelphia area is a bustling source of business, innovation and cutting-edge scientific breakthroughs that rivals any East Coast City in relation to the power and energy of their companies:

  • 80% of Global Pharmaceutical firms are present in the region
  • 7 medical schools and 125 hospitals in the Greater Philadelphia Area
  • 90,000 graduates a year – the highest of any city in the US.
  • #4 Best Venture Capital returns (Outranking Boston and San Francisco).

In addition to being the long-time home of biomedical giants such as GlaxoSmithKline, Merck, Baxter Healthcare, and Johnson & Johnson, to name a few, the area holds promise for small innovators to grow exponentially. As the Brookings Institution found in its 2017 Connect to Compete report, “Philadelphia has the critical mass of assets needed to improve its global position in the innovation economy and capture the firm and job growth that comes with it.” Concentrated chiefly in the life sciences and biomedical sectors – and anchored by top academic and research institutions, world-renowned hospitals, and a strong pharmaceutical sector— Philadelphia has attracted international attention for breakthroughs in precision medicine and the successful commercialization of specialized gene therapy treatments. The February 2019, multibillion-dollar exit of Philadelphia-born and bred Spark Therapeutics to Swiss multinational healthcare company Roche sent a global signal about the strength of Greater Philadelphia’s life sciences innovation ecosystem. Philadelphia’s location also brings many advantages. With only being an hour from New York City and 2 hours by train to Washington DC, businesses will easily be able to travel to nearby hotspots whilst centering their main activity in a place that is significantly cheaper to operate in.


About the University City Science Center:

Over the past half-century, the Science Center has leveraged its diverse suite of targeted programs and initiatives alongside its considerable portfolio of office and lab space to help power University City’s ongoing evolution into a leading hub for innovation. Flanked by world-class research institutions and hospitals - including the University of Pennsylvania, Drexel University, and The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia - the Science Center is rooted in the spirit of collaboration and community building. Its 31 shareholders include colleges, universities, and research institutions in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware that value and support the Science Center’s contribution to moving ideas to the marketplace. Over 440 Life Sciences, Health IT, and emerging technology firms have originated at, passed through, or received incubation services from the Science Center since its inception, which have created thousands of jobs, generated millions of dollars in earnings, and contributed billions of dollars to the Greater Philadelphia economy.


About Temple University - Small Business Development Center:

Founded in 1884, Temple University (TU) is a state-related Research 1 University and counts 40,000 undergraduate, graduate, and professional students enrolled in more than 500 academic degree programs offered at sites across the globe, including eight campuses across Pennsylvania, Rome, and Tokyo. Funded by the Federal and State governments, Temple Small Business Centre (SBDC) provides entrepreneurs and small business owners with the knowledge needed to make smart decisions and prosper since 1983. Temple SBDC provides +50 workshops and +3000 hours of consulting a year. Temple SBDC is part of the Fox Business School, the largest business school in the Greater Philadelphia region. TU is one of the founding members of the University City Science Centre




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