ENRICH Your BIO Experience!



ENRICH in the USA is proud to present its Funding Summit post-BIO 2022. This virtual event introduces a selection of 10 biotech European and Associated Countries' startups, scaling-ups and SMEs to 25+ top judges, including US investors (early-stage VCs, business angels, and equity accelerators) plus a selection of ENRICH in the USA soft landing hubs and ecosystems.



The participants of the ENRICH Funding Summit pitch competition will win the following:

→ For the top 3 startups:

- 2 free months of virtual landing program with a selection of our soft landing sites at top research universities around the USA.

→ For all the selected startups:

- Follow-up meeting requests from the judges.

- Direct Applications to the ENRICH in the USA soft-landing programs to our different soft-landing sites at top research universities around the USA (12 months minimum) with no interview.

- Special Access to Enterprise Europe Network transatlantic support services.



8:00 am PST - Introduction and Presentations from partners and sponsors, including on US-EU Collaboration on Research, Innovation, Trade and Funding - 2022 status and future.

8:45 am PST - Transition to 2 zoom rooms

Setup: Five pitch sessions in 2 Zoom rooms in parallel - run by ENRICH Centers & Hubs.

8:50 am PST - Pitch session started with a 20 min reverse pitch/presentation from investors and ecosystem experts followed by 10 x 20 min pitches from startups (5 min of pitch, 14 min of Q&A and 1 min for scoring and transition). Setup: Five pitch sessions in 2 Zoom rooms in parallel - run by ENRICH Hubs.

10:30 am PST - Announcement of Awards

Training programs and other workshops will be held online, starting with the Perfect Pitch Workshop(covering "US Funding Access" and "US Market Access") scheduled for Monday,  August 22, 8:00-10:30 am PST.


Registration and More Information:

- Startups can pitch for free but have to apply on F6S except ENRICH clients/members who have already participated at ENRICH activities & program. They can apply directly on the Gi2 community management platform (cf. Landing page).

- For registration, we also refer you to our Eventbrite page at EVENTBRITE

- Price for groups/delegations (including for qualification and training).





BIO Digital 2021 (June 10-18) is the world's largest virtual biotech partnering and education event, convening global biotech leaders and innovators. Joining this event can accelerate your global presence through global partnerships, collaboration, and thoughts leadership. 

ENRICH in the USA working with the Enterprise Europe Network, UMass, the Wistar Institute, Pennsylvania Department of Community & Economic Development, Philadelphia Department of Commerce - City of Philadelphia, Business France, and many other organizations introduced a wide array of European Union (EU) companies at the BIO International Convention.