US Research Handbook on Transportation & Connected and Automated Driving


The US Research Handbook on Transportation & Connected and Automated Driving, helps you to grow your network of contacts with research groups, industry-university research centers as well as industry clusters in the US who are working on the latest technology of C&AD. These research centres have a strong direct collaboration both with universities and industries and, therefore, would be very useful contacts for your organisations.

With this handbook, you can also discover US research networks, professional associations as well as conferences and other networking events in the US. These networks provide a crucial role in fostering interaction between academia, industry, federal/state entities and stimulate information exchange. By joining these networks, you will stay ahead with the latest trend of C&AD technology.

This handbook also identifies potentially relevant US funding programs both at the federal level, including National Science Foundation (NSF), Department of Energy (DoE), and Department of Transportation (DoT) as well as at the state level with examples from Colorado, Florida, Michigan and more.

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This handbook was published in October 2017 and is available in English. It has 61 pages and 4 Annex pages.


Table of Contents

List of Abbreviations (page 11)
In this section the list of Abrreviations used in this report are presented
1 Introduction (page 15)
The Research Handbook on US R&D Related to Transportation – Connected and Automated Driving (C&AD) provides an assessment of the United States (US) research community landscape and aims to support research and innovation cooperation between the European Union (EU) and the US.
2 US research community landscape (page 20)
2.1. University research groups (page 22)
2.2. Industry–university research centers (page 29)
2.3. Industry clusters (page 33)
3 Recognized research networks/ professional associations and events (page 37)
3.1. Research networks and professional associations (page 38)
3.2. Conferences and other networking events (page 40)
4 US R&D initiatives and programs (page 44)
4.1. Federal initiatives/programs (page 45)
   4.1.1. National Science Foundation (NSF) (page 45)
   4.1.2. Department of Energy (DoE) (page 48)
   4.1.3. Department of Defense (DoD) (page 50)
   4.1.4. Department of Transportation (DOT) (page 53)
4.2. State initiatives/programs (page 56)
   4.2.1. Colorado: ROADX (page 56)
   4.2.2. Florida: Florida Automated Vehicles (FAV) program (page 57)
   4.2.3. Michigan: Michigan Mobility Initiative (page 58)
   4.2.4. Ohio: Ohio’s 33 Smart Corridor (page 58)
5 Observations (page 60)
Annex 1: Examples of Research Fields and Organizations in Thematic Research Areas Related to C&AD (page 61)
Annex 2: Summary of the US Federal and State Funding Initiatives and Programs (page 62)