ENRICH in the USA is delighted to present you its Research Handbooks and Innovation Market Guides, now ready for sale!

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ENRICH in the USA is delighted to present you its Research Handbooks and Innovation Market Guides, now ready for sale!

ENRICH in the USA Research Handbooks help to identify potential approaches to develop collaborative projects with US researchers, research groups and research organizations. With these Handbooks, you will be able to directly contact researchers, research groups and organizations to develop a rapport and potential interest in collaborating. The Handbooks also identify relevant networks and conferences that can be used as a conduit to meeting potential collaborators and grow your network of contacts in the US. In addition, the Handbooks will guide you to many available US funding opportunities that come from public programs as well as from private organizations.

Currently, Research Handbooks about four key topics were developed, namely:

US Research Handbook on Cancer 

US Research Handbook on Renewable Energy 

US Research Handbook on Smart Cities 

US Research Handbook on Transportation & Connected and Automated Driving 

ENRICH in the USA Market Guides aim to provide relevant information on the US landscape, innovation ecosystem and market, including: the leading regions from an innovation and market perspective; the key innovation hubs/facilitators; a sample of the main research networks/ professional organizations; as well as important innovation programs and initiatives at both federal and state level. The Market Guides can be an effective source or tool for the European Union academic and industry communities to gain knowledge on selected US related to fields and to identify potential approaches for developing collaborative partnerships with US facilitators of innovation and/or business. The Market Guides also help analyzing opportunities to access US innovation programs in order to propose potential partnerships with US organizations.

Currently, Market Guides about eight key topics were developed, namely:

Innovation Market Guide - Agriculture Technology 

Innovation Market Guide - CleanTech 

Innovation Market Guide - Cybersecurity 

Innovation Market Guide - eHealth 

Innovation Market Guide - Financial Technology 

Innovation Market Guide - Food Technology

Innovation Market Guide - Nanotechnologies 

Innovation Market Guide - Production Technology 

ENRICH is the European Network of Research and Innovation Centers and Hubs. Promoted by the European Commission through Horizon 2020, the ENRICH network currently offers services to connect European research, technology and business organizations with three global frontrunner innovation markets: Brazil, China and the USA.

All money received from the Handbooks and Guides will go to the non-for-profit association ENRICH GLOBAL to support internationalization activities of European organizations.